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SureWay INLIS is a proven integrated software application package for Philippine non-life insurance firms. It provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution, from policy issuance to accounting.  SureWay INLIS complies with the mandatory requirements of the Insurance Commission (IC) and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR).  Its module includes Motor, General, Car, Fire, Bonds & Surety, Engineering, Aviation, Casualty and Marine Insurance and Re-Insurance designed and developed based on Philippines non-life insurance environment.



Policy Insurance And Underwriting

This underwriting module helps in gathering policy information. Computations of charges and dues are automated. Equipped with user-defined tables, codes, and parameters, data entry is made easy. Production registers and summaries can also be generated. Statistics and Risk Profiles are also available. Endorsement and renewal transactions have also been provided for policy changes and policy renewal, respectively. It has an inquiry program that shows production totals, current policy information, and series of endorsements at a glance. Transaction processing is provided to secure historical and current policies of unauthorized editing and deleting of policy information. Record backups are also generated when invoking such transaction processing. Accountable forms such as policies, invoices, official receipts, endorsements, certificates, and other liable forms are available. This will help in determining which branches or agencies frequently skip their series for whatever reasons. Number of spoiled and cancelled documents of branches and agencies are accounted. Policy distribution is maintained. Proportional and non-proportional treaties are also handled.

Reinsurance Outgoing

This module caters the facultative distribution and generation of binders including automatic computations of RI commissions and net premiums. Inquiry program for ceded binders and comparative premium analysis are also provided. Other constituting this module includes register reports and report layouts. This module can generate hold cover reports and renewal notices before inquiry.

Reinsurance Incoming

This module handles incoming binders and transactions from other companies at all insurance lines. It has an inquiry program to check current binder information, production totals, treaties, and queries. Statistics per line as well as registers can also be generated.

Fire Block Card

Fire Block Card inquiry module refers to the fire risk exposures per block. It covers the fire direct underwriting transactions and fire incoming binder transactions. It has a block tagging to group two or more blocks (subject to one fire). It monitors block limit and retention.


Claims module tracks the losses transactions and status of claims. Submission of documents and requirements are monitored. Adjuster and quotation information are kept. It can also handle multiple losses per claim transactions. Statistical reports such as loss profile and loss ratio can be generated. It also has built-in workflow functionality and recovery features. Claims status can even be viewed with a simple button click.

Collection And Commission

This module generates official receipts and agent commissions. It can also monitor branch or agency remittances. It accepts multiple official receipts per policy and vice versa. Payments can be cash, checks, deposit slips and other forms of payment. Over payments can be applied to the next policy or remittances.

Account Payable And Receivable

Monitor A/P and A/R balances. It can print vouchers, checks, statements and aging analysis reports.

General Ledger

Financial reports can be generated in this module. Chart of Accounts can accommodate unlimited levels. Monitoring of subsidiary accounts is also part of the GL system. Financial reports are user-defined and are made into parameters.

Security Administrator

Data Audit
Access audit


Industry Features
Industry Benefit
  • Integrated Modules
  • Quotation and Policy Generation
  • Endorsement Transaction Control
  • Automatic Policy Renewal and Notices
  • Definable Product Lines, Perils and Charges
  • Facultative Reinsurance
  • Automatic Computation of Premiums and Charges
  • Accountable Forms Inventory System
  • Expiry and Hold Cover Monitoring
  • System Generated Alteration Advices
  • Blocking and Zones Limits Validation/Inquiry
  • Management and IC Recap Reports
  • Proportional and Non-Proportional Treaties
  • Branch Limits Control
  • Claims Processing and Recovery Workflow
  • Claims Status Inquiry and Reports
  • Attachment of Photos and Images
  • Cashiering and Disbursements
  • Statement of Account and Aging
  • Non-Premium Related Transactions
  • System Generated Accounting Entries
  • Parameterized and Definable Financial Reports
  • Report Generator and Query Utilities
  • Security Administration and Audit Trails
  • Obtain more reliable and timelier reports to better assist managers and planners in decision making.
  • Establish a more streamlined process to reduce cost of sales and overhead cost.
  • Collect more accurate, more complete customer information and make of this information to provide better customer service.
  • Increase staff efficiency by reducing manual data manipulation.
  • Designed that will support your business growth and operations.









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