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Progress® Actional® solutions provide complete business transaction visibility, security, and control in the runtime environment as well as service quality and validation in pre-production. These solutions meet the challenges of keeping today's distributed, interconnected applications up and running reliably. These solutions include:

Application Performance Management

Companies supplement traditional application performance management solution to provide business transaction assurance. Key features include automatic end-to-end visibility into real-time processing across many IT tiers, snapshot views of individual end-to-end transactions, and dynamic controls for improving processing to support business goals.

Business Transaction Assurance

Actional has a lifecycle solution for optimizing the success of every transaction. Companies can start today with their existing runtime applications. Actional helps to quickly detect, diagnose, and react to problems such as slow or lost transactions before they impact the business. Just as important, it provides business analytics on real-time transactions and trends as well as runtime controls for fine-tuning IT operations to expedite key revenue opportunities.

Exception Management

Actional Enterprise offers a solution for managing exceptions in distributed, interconnected applications. It enables the support team to collaborate with the application development team for faster, accurate exception management and provides tools to help detect, diagnose, and resolve system, application, and data problems quickly.

Root Cause Analysis

When an availability or performance issue arises in production, Actional generates an alert and a flow map of the end-to-end individual "violating" transaction. This enables organizations to quickly trace back the problem to its root cause—eliminating hours of IT diagnostics.

Service-level Management

Actional enables companies to meet SLAs and manage services to support business goals. With policy-based alerting tools, users can set service alert thresholds and define service behavior for dynamic IT management. Actional also provides business analytics about runtime operations and controls for changing process behavior, for example, to give high-value customers priority service.

Service Quality and Validation

Actional enables pre-production teams to accelerate development and consistently produce high-quality services for reliable runtime operations. It provides tools for faster, easier unit, functional, load, compliance, regression, and acceptance testing; understanding service behavior through interaction and visualization; and enforcing design-time policy compliance—all without deep knowledge of XML.

Transaction Monitoring and Alerting

Actional Flow Mapping™ provides end-to-end visibility across distributed, interconnected applications to help administrators understand what's happening, or not happening, in the network. It also generates policy-based alerts and flow maps of "violating" transactions to support early detection of performance and availability issues.

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