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New business and regulatory requirements are requiring your business to support an increasing number of financial messaging standards, such as SWIFT, FpML, SEPA, FIX, ISO 20022 and others. Compliance with multiple and frequently changing technology standards is a challenge for any financial services organization and can very quickly drain the resources of in-house development teams. Based on an open and standards-based approach to data interoperability, Progress Artix Data Services addresses these concerns by providing graphical model-driven tools and pre-built financial standards libraries. Data interoperability is simplified making it easy to model, test and deploy reusable data services which parse, validate, transform and enrich messages. With Artix Data Services data models can be quickly created or imported, versioned, specialized, differenced and merged, saving time and money in deploying integration solutions. To address constantly changing schema and semantic changes across integration projects, Artix Data Services provides robust model lifecycle management tools, so changes can be quickly implemented. Once models are created, high quality Java objects are generated for deployment in any JEE container. Unlike centralized and costly hub-based data integration solutions, Artix Data Services can be deployed at the endpoints leveraging existing hardware investments. Artix Data Services Standards Libraries are specialized messaging libraries providing bundled sets of components and services that extend the base product for highly targeted and business-specific usage scenarios. These Data Object Definition (DOD) libraries fully encapsulate the published syntax and validation rules for over 40 financial messaging standards.

What's New in Artix Data Services


  • Open Data Import and Export
  • Rich Semantic Validation Rule Languages
  • Data Transformation
  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Data Model and Component Versioning
  • Data Model Specializations
  • Code Generator
  • Transport Abstraction Layer
  • Collaborative Development
  • HTML Documentation Generation
  • Aliases

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