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In an increasingly global and fast moving economy, agility, security, and IT optimization are top concerns for management. With the move towards flexible service-oriented architectures, the connection points between applications and underlying data sources has become a critical lynchpin in software system design. Choosing best-of-breed software for data access and integration has long been a best practice. Now it's an imperative. DataDirect Technologies is the world leader in data connectivity and mainframe integration, offering the most comprehensive line of software for connecting the world's most critical applications to data and services, running on any platform, using proven and emerging standards.

Data Direct Product Lines
  • Data Connectivity – DataDirect's data connectivity products provide high-performance, standards-based (ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, OLE DB) access to all major relational databases. DataDirect products are production-proven in countless mission-critical environments. And hundreds of leading software companies embed DataDirect technology in their software products.
  • Mainframe Integration – DataDirect's Shadow product line helps you address the challenges associated with integrating mainframe assets with modern Java and .NET applications or into service-oriented architectures. With Shadow, you can transparently integrate mainframe artifacts into new business applications.
  • XML Data Integration – All DataDirect products support the processing of XML in critical business applications. In particular, DataDirect XQuery is exclusively designed to integrate XML with relational and legacy data sources, and DataDirect XML Converters enable streaming access to EDI and flat files.

When reliability, interoperability and speed to market are utmost priorities, forward-looking organizations turn to DataDirect Technologies. With a proven, 20-year history, strong technical leadership and robust product line, software architects worldwide depend on DataDirect products to connect their applications to an unparalleled range of data sources using standard-based interfaces such as ODBC, JDBC, ADO.NET, XQuery and SOAP. In fact, more than 300 leading independent software vendors embed DataDirect components in over 400 commercial products. Further, 96 of the Fortune 100 turn to DataDirect Technologies to simplify and streamline data connectivity for distributed systems and to reduce the complexity of mainframe integration.

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