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The Progress® DataXtend™ family of solutions enables valuable information to flow freely across your organization. Progress DataXtend Semantic Integrator (SI) addresses the common information model challenges in SOA infrastructures and ensures that data is not only correct, but is valid based on your business rules.

If your enterprise adopted service-oriented architecture (SOA) to improve agility, and then faced an implementation and maintenance process plagued by complexity, it's likely that one of the major culprits was data integration. A study conducted by Forrester Consulting for Progress, found that over 80% of organizations amplified the complexity by reconciling physical data level differences between applications and services with hand-coded point-to-point mappings.

DataXtend SI increases flexibility and decreases complexity of data services so you can finally reap all the benefits of your SOA. With DataXtend SI all mediation, governance, and change management of data integration, the entire lifecycle, is done in one place.

At the center of DataXtend SI are two components, the Designer and the Engine:

  • Progress® DataXtend® SI Designer™ is a complete graphical design environment for creating and managing Exchange Models (mediations between applications and services with different structures and semantics), rules, and data services. DataXtend SI Designer imports existing schemas for data sources, data services, and the common information model, where they can be enriched with transformation and validation rules using DataXtend SI's comprehensive set of visual tools.
  • Progress® DataXtend® SI Engine™ is the runtime component of the DataXtend SI architecture. At runtime, data is dynamically converted and validated before it is submitted to backend systems. All data services use standard interfaces for incorporation into any business process or target application. The output of DataXtend SI Engine is Java, running as stateless services with optimal performance.

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