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Progress EasyAsk® products combine ease of use and high performance to deliver the right information on demand. Through an intuitive, simple and effective user interface, EasyAsk quickly puts precise, complete, and relevant answers and results in the hands of customers, partners, and employees.

EasyAsk for Business Intelligence (BI) places the power and insight of business intelligence into the hands of the operational business user, customer, or partner. By exposing existing BI assets while automatically creating an answer in the event that existing assets don't contain the information needed, operational staffs have the insight that they need to maximize business potential. EasyAsk integrates with existing BI solutions and allows employees, line managers, executives, and analysts to rapidly access the information they need today to improve business operations without the need for specialist skills or additional training.

EasyAsk for eCommerce is easy-to-use, powerful site search, navigation, and merchandising software that helps B2C and B2B companies boost revenue opportunities, drive customer loyalty, and strengthen relationships with customers. Sites that use EasyAsk have the highest conversion rates in the industry according to Nielsen//NetRatings (graph). Through a combination of unique and powerful capabilities that come together in a single, easy-to-use application, EasyAsk gives merchandisers the direct control they need to showcase their products and increase sales.

EasyAsk for ISVs enables forward-thinking developers of data-intensive applications to gain a competitive advantage through advanced search capabilities. With EasyAsk for ISVs, leading software developers serving human resources, medical records, knowledge management, and many other sectors are improving their customers' productivity by opening access to new types of information and enhancing the overall value of data warehouses, portals, intranets, and extranets.

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