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Progress® ObjectStore® is proven technology for developing high-performance object data management environments. It is an object database for Java and C++ applications that can cache data to deliver performance to users at in-memory speed.

ObjectStore ODBMS (Object Database Management System) is a proven technology for developing solid, consistent, and high-performance applications. The ObjectStore embedded database provides a reliable, transactional persistent database management solution to enterprise database environments. With ObjectStore, Java and C++ developers can compliment their existing applications with:

  • Reliable and efficient database management. The ObjectStore embedded database is a highly efficient data storage solution that is ideal for object programming languages such as Java and C++.
  • Accelerated performance.. Unlike relational database management systems which must retrieve related rows of data by executing joins at runtime, the ObjectStore object database stores and manages data components with their relationships intact. This reduces the code needed for your application and, therefore, the time to market and total cost of ownership of the application
  • Faster time to market. Because of the seamless interface to C++ and Java, there is no need to write mapping code. With ObjectStore java database there is no JDBC or SQL, you simply use the native commands of the language of your choice.

Whether you are extending your business operations to the Internet, supporting a network infrastructure, or building leading-edge software to accommodate unlimited distributed transactions and users in real-time, ObjectStore gives companies an effective strategy to manage data distribution.

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