Savings and Loan Manager (SLM) is a fully integrated and comprehensive on-line software system for automating savings and loans’ front and back office activities. It is specifically designed for savings and loan associations, credit unions, and cooperatives.

Industry Features

Members Information System

Designed to enable the association to monitor its members' profile : membership status, employment status, the number of times a member has co-made a loan, what type and how many accounts a member has, classification of account, member's statistics, and monitoring of a NSSLA's Board of Directors.

Teller's Transaction System

Designed for encoding all transactions the teller received from the member such as :  deposit transaction, withdrawal transaction, and over-the-counter loan payments. It also enables the user to do individual cheque down floating, printing of unclear cheques, reversing cleared cheques, interest computation and posting, dividend computation and posting, monitoring of accounts payable, and inquiry of a member's lowest / average daily balance.

Loan Information System

Designed for processing loan applications and monitoring of : current loan, past due loans and loans on litigation.

Collection and Remittance System

This allows the association to collect deposits and loan payments via company remittances. It enables the association to monitor the members loan delinquency status, past due loans, loans on litigation. It also enables the user to do collection advisement, downloading and uploading of remittance, remittance distribution, posting of remittance, printing of demand letters, collecting arrearages from deposit, classification of loans and many more.

Election And Canvassing System

Designed to speed-up the election and canvassing of the NSSLA's Board of Directors that is held every two or three years. It provides a monitoring of proxy votes, establishing voting rights, processing of qualified voters voting rights, a precinct file maintenance module, printing of ballots, processing of proxy votes, and the canvassing proper.

Short Message Services (SMS)

The association has the option to use SMS to send loan payment information to delinquent members.


Industry Benefit

  • Designed and proven for Philippine Savings & Loan Associations
  • Complete membership servicing.
  • Complete savings or deposit servicing.
  • Complete collection servicing.
  • Unlimited loan capacity.
  • Actuarial Interest capable. Repayment schedules includes weekly, monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually
  • Handles payments for constant principal and declining interest loans.
  • Produces amortization schedules that reflect breakdown of principal and interest for the full loan term.
  • Generates comprehensive and digestive management reports designed for decision making.
  • Open System solution
  • Locally developed
  • Source Code Availability


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