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Factors like growth, mergers, new technologies that add to the increasing problem of integration density can consume infrastructure agility and can lead to competitive disadvantage. Shadow addresses this problem with a high-performance foundation architecture to support all the industry standard requirements for integrating mainframe data through innovation efforts utilizing services oriented architecture (SOA) and data-centered business intelligence schemes.

Progress® Shadow® offers a single, integrated architecture that extends SOA to fit in mainframe-based business logic, data and screen processes. It makes the mainframe a priority in a distributed SOA environment. Shadow distinctively develops native mainframe technologies to optimize performance, security and operational cost. Here's what Shadow can do for your business:

  • Mainframe integration without tears: Shadow is the only single, unified architecture to integrate virtually every asset on your mainframe to your SOA without the cost and complexity of point solutions. Shadow gives you a reusable infrastructure for all of your mainframe integration requirements so you don’t have to buy, install and manage a separate point solution for each and every project.
  • Drive your business in real-time with mainframe business events: Only Shadow adapts your mainframe assets for event-driven integration and SOA. Changes on the mainframe are captured, filtered and enriched in real time and immediately communicated to your business.
  • No MIPS wasted on mainframe integration: Shadow’s architecture takes advantage of IBM’s mainframe specialty engines so you can integrate the mainframe with fewer General Purpose Processor MIPS. As a result, you dramatically reduce your operational costs without using off-host gateways that increase complexity and compromise quality-of-service.

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