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Through patent-pending innovations, Progress Software's service-oriented architecture (SOA) and enterprise messaging products have helped numerous clients rapidly and flexibly integrate services and applications across the enterprise in the Philippines.

Progress Sonic ESB Product Family

A comprehensive set of products that simplify application integration using a service-oriented architecture (SOA Philippines).

  • Sonic ESB
    An enterprise service bus which simplifies the integration and flexible reuse of business components using a standards-based, service-oriented architecture (SOA).
  • Progress Sonic Workbench
    An Eclipse-based SOA toolset to model, configure, test and deploy processes and services using products in the Sonic ESB Product Family.
  • Progress Sonic BPEL Server
    Adds standards-based service orchestration to the intelligent routing capabilities of Sonic ESB. The Sonic BPEL Server improves developer productivity by simplifying the building, testing and deploying of sophisticated service orchestration that integrates with heterogeneous end-points throughout the enterprise.
  • Progress Sonic Database Service
    Simplifies access and reuse of relational data sources in a service-oriented architecture.
  • Sonic Deployment Manager
    An installation and configuration tool that helps project teams to streamline incremental development and rollout of large-scale Sonic product deployments.
  • Progress Sonic XML Server
    Provides high-speed XML processing, storage and query services for management of Sonic ESB operational data.
  • Adapters for Sonic ESB
    Simplify the incorporation of over 300 types of internal and external IT systems into a service-oriented architecture.
  • Actional for Sonic ESB Management
    Customers with Sonic ESB can enhance Sonic ESB management to ensure reliable operations across their entire SOA with Actional for Sonic ESB Management. Actional integrates with Sonic and provides end-to-end business visibility across a Sonic ESB deployment and the SOA infrastructure it connects.
Progress SonicMQ Product Family

A comprehensive product set which includes enterprise messaging, monitoring and management, and optimized connectivity to various clients and messaging platforms.

  • SonicMQ
    The industry's most robust and resilient standards-based enterprise messaging system for vast and sophisticated enterprise deployments.
  • Progress Sonic Event Monitor
    Provides the capability to track, record, or redirect Sonic metrics and notifications, helping you to monitor and manage your applications.
  • Progress SonicMQ Clients
    Add-on components that extend the reach of messaging to include applications written in a variety of programming languages.
  • Progress SonicMQ Bridges
    Supporting technologies which can provide the foundation for information-driven, production-quality applications.

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