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INFOMAN Brings Progress Software To RP's Multi-Faceted Enterprises
Edison D. Ong
Manila Bulletin, Infotech
- May 07, 2006

       The first thing he does in the morning when he sits behind his office desk is not drink instant coffee. Not read the morning newspaper. Not call every unit managers for a morning call and meeting
       Like an increasing number of top executives like him, he switches on his desktop computer.
       He is Johnny Fetalvero, general manager, Honda Cars Kalookan, Inc.; and there is a growing number of corporate heads like him. The common denominator is they all use Progress Software.

       Several Philippine users of Progress Software have begun to explore new business opportunities and to gain additional revenue from their in-house-developed software applications for countryside enterprises, urban car dealership and provincial government service delivery.

       Originating from private usage of Progress database and developer software tools, Honda Cars Kalookan, Inc., Negros Provincial Government, and PhilCom Corporation are leading examples of organizations that have gained expertise in Progress Software. They have started to offer their small business application solutions to interested entities.

       These three present a snapshot of premier Progress Software users in Luzon, the Visayas and Mindanao, said Bernard Yu, vice chairman and CEO, Information Managers, Inc. (INFOMAN), a leading IT solutions provider and the sole distributor of Progress software products.
       Over the past 18 years, INFOMAN has been serving the automation needs of close to 200 clients in banking, insurance, retail, manufacturing, distribution, food service, construction, education and government service.

       "INFOMAN provides application packages, database management systems, development tools, as well as custom development services to help clients build, customize and deploy the right solution to meet their business needs," Yu bared.


       After a decade of using Progress Software for database and applications development, dealer Honda Cars Kalookan today now offers an Integrated Dealership Management System (IDMS) that tackles car sales, service and parts including finance, credit and collection.

       At present, outside of its own organization, it has installations in eight Honda and other car brand dealers.

       "Other Honda dealers have started availing of our IDMS. INFOMAN has made us an applications provider," said Fetalvero.

       "Progress is an easy to use and flexible software, he described, "We saw how Progress worked. It is best fitted to our size of operation and growth. We need an easy to use system because every month we need to accommodate new Honda models, parts inventory and policies. A new Honda car normally has 5,000 parts."

       With the help of INFOMAN, Honda Cars Kalookan designed the IDMS that keeps customers satisfied with the dealer's service. "For the past six years, we have a customer satisfaction rating of 92 percent," he bared. Today Honda Cars Kalookan employs 100 technical staff from an original crop of 10 technicians. Its threestorey building can accommodate 350 cars from a humble beginning of 15 units.

       Progress provides application infrastructure software for all aspects of the development, deployment, integration and management of business applications, explained Larry DiLoreto, VP Asia Pacific of Progress Software Corporation.


       Now serving the telecommunications industry close to 80 years, PhilCom delivers innovative and cost-effective products and services to its customers in Eastern Mindanao.

       This is the core of PhilCom's management strategy, said Clarence Lagera, assistant vicepresident for sales and marketing, PhilCom Corporation, as he reported an increase in the take up of PhilCom's Enterprise Solution, a financial software application on payroll, inventory management and production.

       In late 2004, recalled Lagera, INFOMAN provided PhilCom the Progress relational database management system software and development tools. From these mixed with other technologies, PhilCom rolled out its own variant of Enterprise Solution.

       "Agribusiness companies were the first takers," Lagera noted, adding that soon it will be rolled out in schools and colleges, and offered to trucking, trading and finance companies, including management service providers of conglomerates which are Metro Manila-based.

       "Our edge is we 'made' our own (financial system) software program," Lagera said. "Just like our suppliers, we continue to provide services needed by our clients."

       In the Visayas, INFOMAN has a strong presence in Negros Occidental. Aside from the Negros Provincial Government, major cities and municipalities, INFOMAN's clients include BACIWA, CENECO, Lopue Department Stores and Victorias Milling Company, Inc.

       In the case of Negros Occidental, for example, the Provincial Government has developed a localized version of local government unit (LGU) software applications for use by the Province, and its cities and municipalities.

       They have recently made these applications available for other LGUS as well.


       In support of INFOMAN's strong drive to grow the user base of Progress in the Philippines, DiLoreto made his first ever visit to the country. At the Progress day 2006 last April 28, he presented the current success and goals for the Philippines and Asia as a whole

       He said Progress Asia will be working towards raising the company profile in Asia and marketing new technologies and products this year. Also, it plans to galvanize the user and developer community through a Progress Asia User Group that links all Progress Asia developers and users for networking and information sharing. Third, Progress Asia shall offer a well-rounded and comprehensive support to Progress Application partners, to help them develop their business in Asia.


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