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Logistics Firm Picks QAD Solutions To Jumpstart Food Processing Hub
Manila Bulletin, B14 - Infotech
- April 21, 2006

       Royal Cargo, one of the country's leading logistics solutions provider, has reorganized and diversified to provide more value added services by transforming several of its dry and cold storage plants into contract manufacturing facilities starting with the food business.

       The company is utilizing QAD solutions to gain competitive edge, to become agile and profitable, and to be able to respond quickly to the ever-changing market conditions as it jumpstarts its one-stop food processing hub business. "We are harnessing the power of information technology to better manage all aspects of our business from procurement, manufacturing, operations, sales and marketing, distribution and customer service," said Elmer Francisco U. Sarmiento, Chief Operating Officer of the Royal Cargo Group of Companies.

       The Company is focused on its new line of business, hence outsourcing several of its processes including the development and implementation of its software application program for its production planning, execution and costing activities.

       This service is being provided by Information Managers, Inc., (INFOMAN), the Philippine sole distributor of QAD MFG / PRO solutions, who set the record by having the system up and running for Royal Cargo's Food Processing Division in four months' time.

       Said Martin Lopez, Business Development Manager, QAD MFG / PRO division of INFOMAN, "The success of a software application program is when only one data is used by all participants. There is harmony. The costing, planning and execution, and the data output is acknowledged by all participants from production, operations, finance and cost management." And with that, INFOMAN and Royal Cargo have been successful in implementing the new software into their system.

       "The December 2005 implementation was non-negotiable as we wanted to start 2006 using MFG / PRO," said Sarmiento. "INFOMAN helped us provide balance to our new business venture - a balance between our production operations and our application solution. While we do very much recognize the need for a manufacturing software application, our priorities last year were on machineries and facility. INFOMAN's flexible investment options made it easier for us to achieve what we needed to be able to start the year right."

       QAD solutions provide manufacturing companies with solutions to manage the core business processes of their enterprises. Since Royal Cargo purchased the system for its food manufacturing business, INFOMAN has provided extensive support in the training and implementation of the system and integration it into the company's existing software solutions. The new Enterprise Resource Planning application software allows for a more detailed production planning within a shorter period of time, and plant managers can easily manage all aspects of demand replenishment. The QAD software can also easily consolidate accounts and calculate their financial positions.

       Bernard Yu, Vice chairman and CEO of INFOMAN, said "We strive to offer the latest, most comprehensive software for global manufacturers to help them achieve seamless management, analysis, planning and control related to all aspects of the manufacturing entity."

       He continued, "We help our clients implement their critical business solutions to increase sales, improve loyalty, reduce costs, and enhance profitability. We are dedicated to helping Royal Cargo better serve their customers by giving them exceptional customer service as well throughout the course of this project."


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