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Infoman Partners With QAD
Philippine Star, C7 - Networks
- April 17, 2006

       Information Managers Inc. (Infoman) goes on high gear this year with its manufacturing solutions business following its acceptance recently of the QAD sole distributorship in the Philippines.

       Infoman's confidence in the local market for QAD technology for the manufacturing sector is anchored on an expected increased demand for QAD's suite of software application modules by small and medium manufacturing enterprises.

       This quarter alone, some new QAD modules, including eB2, the flagship product, are slated to roll out in the country. Infoman, which is also the sole distributor of Progress software products and Progress-based applications, had an impressive 11 percent new license revenue growth in 2005 for its flagship product, Progress OpenEdge v.10.

       This resulted in Infoman being the second best license performer in the Asia-Pacific.

       "The revenue growth is in manufacturing, education and government, and increasingly in food retail chains," said Bernard Yu, Infoman vice chairman and CEO.

       Early this year, QAD Inc. formally announced its partnership with Infoman to expand the former's foothold in the Philippine manufacturing market.

       "QAD's proven MFG / PRO Enterprises Resource Planning and Supply Chain Management solution and our IT expertise make a winning combination that will let us better meet our customers' needs," Yu said.


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