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Local IT Firm Eye South Asia
Maricel E. Estavillo - March 30, 2006

       Local information technology (IT) solutions provider Information Managers, Inc. (INFOMAN) is looking at tapping the nascent South Asia market for expansion.

       As early as six months ago, the company began talks with prospective partners in India and Sri Lanka, Bernard Yu, INFOMAN vice-chairman and chief executive, said in an interview yesterday

       "We started discussing with them but we still need to work on the localization process. This will take time because lots of localization need to be done," Mr. Yu said.

       For India and Sri Lanka, INFOMAN will be targeting mostly mid-sized banks. In developing countries, including the Philippines, rural banks have been noted for their increased investment on technology.

       In the Philippines, the company has created a niche in providing database and applications solutions for the mid-sized manufacturing industry.

       Mr. Yu explained that aside from selling to other countries in South Asia, INFOMAN will also look out for prospective products that can be customized and sold to clients in the Philippines.


       Here, it is the sole distributor of Progress software products and Progress-based software applications.

       Yesterday, US-based QUAD, Inc. announced that it has appointed INFOMAN as its sole distributor for the Philippines.

       "A local representative with the ability to cover the local market, deliver cost competitiveness, and ease customer's concern on issues such as local support is important to our initiative in every country we venture into where we do not have an office," said QUAD South Asia head Foo Chuen Yong.


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