Visayan Surety adapts SureWay INLIS - December 17, 2007


From Left: Mr. Kar Wai Wong, INFOMAN SVP & Chief solutions Architect, Mr. Danilo A. Yao, INFOMAN President and Mr. Kenneth L. Go, VSIC VP & Asst. Gen. Manager

       Visayan Surety adapts SureWay INLIS SureWay INLIS on a roll! In just a couple of weeks from another contract signing, VSIC adapted INFOMAN'S software solutions for non-life insurance business last November 29, 2007. After a careful study by the management and users, they rated SureWay INLIS a 100% adaptable in VSIC business processes. INFOMAN will automate VSIC non-life insurance operations for H.O. and make all the branches online.


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