Consulting Services

       No matter what the project size or complexity, Information Managers, Inc. has a strong reputation for rapid and successful implementations. We design and deliver the ideal customized software solution for any industry. Our large in-house consulting team gets your systems functioning on time and within budget. And because our solutions are customized to address your business challenges, the impact on your company is powerful.

Information Managers, Inc. Consulting Expertise

  • Project planning & coordination
  • Solution design and development
  • Application implementation
  • Product customization
  • Workflow and scripting
  • Object-oriented development
  • Legacy systems integration
  • Database design
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Rollout planning and coordination

       Information Managers, Inc. consultants have extensive experience guiding projects in over 5 industries. For further information on Information Managers, Inc. Consulting Services, get in touch with us at: sales@Information Managers,