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Royal Cargo Picks QAD Solutions
Manila Bulletin, E2 - Tech101
- April 5, 2006

       Royal Cargo, a logistics solutions provider, has reorganized and diversified to provide more value-added services by transforming several of its dry and cold storage plants into contract manufacturing facilities starting with the food business.

       The company is utilizing QAD solutions to gain competitive edge, to become agile and profitable, and to be able to respond quickly to the ever-changing market conditions as it jumpstarts its one-stop food processing hub business.

       The Company is focused on its new line of business, hence outsourcing several of its processes including the development and implementation of its software application program for its production planning, execution and costing activities.

       This service is being provided by Information Managers, Inc. (INFOMAN), the Philippine sole distributor of QAD MFG/PRO solutions, who set the record by having the system up and running for Royal Cargo's Food Processing Division in four months' time.


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